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Below is a list of the current 2009-2010 committee members.  Should you have any interest in the club, please contact Tessa.  If you query relates to all media, advertisement or the website then please contact Sam.

UWE Squash

Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane
Bristol , BS16 1QY
E-Mail: info@uwe-squash.co.uk

Committee Members

Name: Mark
Title: President
E-Mail: President@uwe-squash.co.uk

Name: Tessa "The Mess" Faverty
Title: Secretary & Ladies Captain
E-Mail: Secretary@uwe-squash.co.uk

Name: Joe Kerby
Title: Treasurer
E-Mail: Treasurer@uwe-squash.co.uk

Name: James Salzmann
Title: Kit Officer
E-Mail: Kit@uwe-squash.co.uk

Name: Mike Crumb
Title: Safety Officer
E-Mail: Safety@uwe-squash.co.uk

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